Boson Biotch Co. Ltd

BOSON BIOTCH Co. Ltd from CHINA for vitro diagnostic devices kits (Rapid Test of Infectious Diseases).
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BioAnalyse Ltd

BioAnalyse Ltd from TURKEY for antimicrobial susceptibility testing system (Antibiotic Discs).
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Stac Medical Science and Technology Co. Ltd

Stac Medical Science and Technology Co. Ltd form CHINA for Manufacturing and Exporting Hematology Analyzer, Hematology Reagents.
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Carlo Erba Reagent

CARLO ERBA from FRANCE for Chemical for your specific need (Solution and Powder).
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KangJian Medical Apparatus Co. Ltd

KangJian Medical Apparatus Co. Ltd from CHINA for Medical laboratory consumables, Biological culture consumables, Laboratory auxiliary instrument.
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Liofilchem S.R.L:

Liofilchem S.R.L from ITALY for diagnostics for clinical and industrial microbiology.
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Histo-Line Laboratories SRL

Histo-Line Laboratories SRL from ITALY for diagnosis and research in: Histology, Cytology, Immunostocy, tochemestry, Cellular Biology, Molecular Biology, hematology, Veterinary.
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Boule Diagnostics AB

Boule Diagnostics AB is a rapidly growing diagnostic company that develops, manufactures and sells systems and consumer products for complete blood counts (hematology).
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