MRC for Medical and Equipment Trading is a Sudanese company was founded in 2010G, and that specialist in equipping hospitals and diagnostic laboratories, regulatory and quality index for all sectors. We are considered as main supplier for most hospitals, diagnostic and research laboratories. MRC is committed to providing quality products manufactured to the highest safety standards with complete Support and After Sales Services backed by an expert team of application specialists to identify ways to maximize efficiency.

Our Vision And Mission

We are driven by our vision and mission to transform the treatment of expensive epidemic diseases, including Rapid Test for Infectious Diseases, Chemicals (Solution and Powder), and antimicrobial susceptibility testing system (Antibiotic Discs) … others.

Our mission

is to provide the affordable high quality products to help fighting diseases and illicit substance abuse

Our Vision

is a uniquely positioned to achieve our goal by providing innovative solutions that reduce the economic burden of costly diseases on health care system in Sudan and provide improved outcomes for medical institutions with good price.